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Kevin Ng
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mooSocial 1.2.1 BETA

mooSocial 1.2.1 BETA is now on our demo site

Changes log:
  1. Improved Activity Stream: activity is now linked to the item. Comments and likes posted on the item page (e.g. blog, topic, video...) will appear in the activity stream instead of having its own activity post. This behavior is only available for new activity/item.
  2. Automatic URL Parsing: pages title and description are automatically extracted from the url posted in your activity post
  3. The system now only send notification to users who commented on an item within a day and have not checked their notifications. Thus, users will get less notifications now
  4. SEO links
  5. Popular tags block has a new look
  6. New admin setting: disable ability to change username
  7. Name and email are prepopulated in the contact form if user is logged in
  8. Fixed youtube's short link bug
  9. Fixed a bug when deleting category in admin panel

mooSocial Team

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