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Kevin Ng
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mooSocial 1.2.2 BETA

mooSocial 1.2.2 BETA is now on our demo site. This version features a lot of improvements to the photos component

Changes log:
  1. Lightbox photo viewer with thumbnails
  2. Bigger photos and photo thumbnails. If the user's screen resolution is less then 1280x768, the classic photo view page is rendered instead of the lightbox 
  3. A new admin option to save the original image (disabled on the demo site)
  4. Events now has categories
  5. Smilies in item detail page
  6. A new user setting that allow users to hide their online status
  7. Fixed a bug which caused error in the site url if mooSocial was installed in a sub folder
  8. Removed Site URL admin setting (it's auto detected now)
  9. Fixed invalid email issue on Contact Us page
  10. Remove the style attribute when posting blog/topic
  11. Added robots.txt
  12. Removed "title:" part in the url
  13. Cache file is now properly cleared after creating new theme
  14. Added SMTP email transport option
  15. Fixed a critical bug that might cause problem in the group detail page on some system
  16. Updated jQuery library to 1.7.2
If you see any bugs, please report them here

mooSocial Team

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